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Formula One Singapore – Closest to home!


Singapore here I come!

With all the action on the circuits around the world, some hardcore F1 fans are seriously contemplating skipping across continents to witness Formula One LIVE!

Not a bad idea, considering the fact that there is a lot happening and a lot to look forward to. With all the changes coming up: both in terms of the drivers, teams and souped-up cars (the Double Diffuser and KERS) going for that extra burst of power, Button is going to have to hold onto his pants! With 8 races left to go, the tide may turn in the favour of McLaren or Ferrari.

The Valencia weekend looked good for Hamilton, but an unfortunate pit-stop (they may deny it till they are blue in the face) pulled Brawn’s Barrichello ahead. An exciting race, proving that when it come to Formula One nothing is a given! The next race at Monza, Italy will set the tone for the much sought after Singapore.

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Why much sought after? For us Indian’s, Singapore is easily the most exciting and viable option for a live experience ! It is less than 4.5 hours away with a range of airfares ready to be plucked off the shelves. Plus, there are a number of travel agents who are willing to put together a package for you.

So, in the spirit of the race we did a little study of the packages going around and came up with some interesting info. We found that one of the best deals came from Travel Tours – an official travel partner for the Singapore Tourism Board. They have a range of packages starting as low as 52,000 for 5 star packages! The best thing is that their Singapore F1 packages come with an easy EMI scheme! Something that no one else is offering.

In contrast Mercury is offering packages for 44,000 which doesn’t include airfare, so we did the math and found that all included their packages start at 69,000! Kuoni, known for their exorbitant prices are on the same lines. And you know what, these hotels aren’t even five star! The hotel choices put together by Travel Tours are close to the circuit and one of the best Singapore has to offer.

Think about it – Singapore is giving you Beyonce and Fergie to groove to. Speed under stars and Travel Tours – we’ve dubbed them the F1 experts – have chosen the best Singapore F1 tickets, carefully selected hotels and are placing it on a convenient platter for you to grab and bite into for all the excitement and juice!

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Go for it, I say!

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F1 all the way!

Singapore 2008 highlights

An exciting video of Singapore Grand Prix 2008 - a just prelude to 2009. Don't miss it!

Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2008 from Matt Preston on Vimeo.