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A track with a long history, it is easily one of the most prestigious tracks of the circuit. Those streets have many a story to tell. Its curves being rather dangerous some of the most tragic F1 accidents have taken place on this circuit.

1. 1928 – the death of driver Emilio Materassi and 27 spectators. After which the races were moved to the high-speed track and modifications were made. The races resumed in 1932.

2. In 1933 3 drivers were killed and some major modifications of chicanes and straights were implemented.

3. 1961 Death of driver Wolfgang Von Trips and 14 spectators!

4. There have been constant modifications to the circuit ever since, although drivers still complain that there aren’t enough run-off areas.

It just goes to show, F1 is such a dynamic sport and one must stay on their toes to be up to speed.

Singapore is doing an admirable job as well, to smooth out complaints of the roads being too bumpy and some chicanes being too narrow.

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Singapore 2008 highlights

An exciting video of Singapore Grand Prix 2008 - a just prelude to 2009. Don't miss it!

Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2008 from Matt Preston on Vimeo.