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A competitive car is all it takes!

Putting all speculations to rest, Kimi Raikkonen has gone on to talk about his 1 year sabbatical from Formula 1 racing. The Fin who was to join the McLaren team breaks the ice saying that he is indeed going on a break for a year.

So does this mean 2011 will see Raikkonen on the track? Apparently it does not. The racer states that unless he is offered to race a competitive car, he will not be returning. When asked why he isn’t working with McLaren, all Kimi had to say was, ‘Unfortunately, certain issues could not be resolved’.

 To many, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix could possibly be Kimi’s last Formula 1 race. I guess all that’s left to do is wait for 2011 or better still for a competitive car to hit the tracks.

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Singapore 2008 highlights

An exciting video of Singapore Grand Prix 2008 - a just prelude to 2009. Don't miss it!

Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2008 from Matt Preston on Vimeo.