Abu Dhabi around the bend!

It is almost time for this season’s finale… and what better way to end it other than on a brand new circuit!

Yas Marina

Yas Marina

With all the hype and excitement about the new track, I’ve decided to put down some facts about the track that I came across.

– It is the first Twilight race.

– The Yas MArina runs in an anti-clockwise direction.

– The lap boasts four main periods of acceleration, the longest equating to 1,173 metres, which is the longest straight of any 2009 Formula One track.

–  The two extra tracks at the Yas Marina can run independently of each other and thus make it possible for the circuit to hold two events simultaneously.

–  All of the grandstands, including the massive hairpin seating area, are covered to protect the estimated 50,000 spectators from the desert sun.

Well… so much for now. I’m sure there is so much more in store at this new race venue.

Yas Marina

Yas Marina - Circuit Map

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