F1 Gadgets

The F1 season has picked up pace, with only 9 races left to finish, the frenzy is peaking! Bets are being placed on who is going to win, teams are changing drivers in the hope that the winds of fate may be altered, fans are sending out fervent prayers! The f1 fraternity is all a-roar!

Cashing in on all this drama are the gadget companies. The official video game of F1 2009 heightened the gaming experience with the race-wheel accessory, now that is some personal race action for you!

The mobile companies aren’t far behind! Gresso, the Russian luxury phone manufacturer has created a phone made of the same material used in F1 cars. Personally, I think it’s pretty ugly – especially when you compare it to the beauty of the cars! But hey, whatever floats your boat!

Microsoft is also hanging on like the persistent terrier it is! An intern has devised a Vista Gadget that will keep you updated on the driver standings, race stats and a video of the race! It is yet to hit the market, but knowing us, anything to keep our speed fix going, is good for us!

The bizarre, when it comes to F1, is never too far behind! Luxury phone, race-wheels and now Ferrari clocks! Now this isn’t just any Ferrari clock, it has the nose of a Ferrari car zooming out of its digital face! It weighs about 35 pounds and is 3 feet wide!

It will be interesting to see what Singapore the land of gadgets and gizmos comes up with at the F1 Singapore Night Race!

The list is endless. If you know of any cool, crazy, snazzy F1 gizmos, do tell us about it!










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